About Us

We are excited to release Isaac Television in the United States, broadcasting Christian documentaries, movies, interviews and street evangelism.  Showing the manifest power of Jesus and the comforter (Holy Spirit) at work on live Television. We have a network that interactively shows God working and performing miracles through a televised media platform. We serve the living Lord that wants viewers like you to experience his magnificent presence.


PASTOR ANWAR FAZAL With humble beginnings, founder and CEO, Anwar Fazal began the ministry with only four people and God began manifesting himself through him with mighty signs and wonders. The ministry grew exponentially and by the grace of God, he has the largest congregation of more than 30,000 people. Millions of people have experienced healings from various diseases and physical ailments, resulting in an unprecedented amount of deliverances and salvations. Pastor Anwar Fazal, is a humble man of God who faithfully carries out the call the Lord has laid upon his heart along with his beloved wife Nida Anwar. His Christ like behavior is winning souls and advancing the kingdom of heaven in many countries. Over the years, his prayer festivals have been used to touch millions of people with the largest attendance of 1.4 million people in Pakistan